Speaker Guidelines

Welcome GTM2020 conference presenters!

Below you will find information to help you prepare for and deliver your oral presentation at our virtual conference. GTM2020 will be managed via Whova conference management software with Zoom as the “behind the scenses” videostreaming technology. The Whova guide for speakers can be accessed at https://whova.com/pages/whova-speaker-guide/

Below is a summary of the most pertinent information.

As a speaker, you will enter your session using a Zoom link sent to you by conference organizers. Make sure you have this session Zoom link (attendees to the session will enter via a link in Whova).

At the appropriate time (10 minutes before your session), click the Zoom link.

Detailed timeline of session

1. The Zoom meeting room for your session will be open 10 minutes prior to the start of the session. Important: All presenters for a given session should enter the waiting room 10 minutes prior to the start of the session. Your GTM2020 Session Chair will let you in.
2. The Session Chair will trial screen-sharing with all presenters. The conference host will unmute you, and grant you the permission to share your screen
3. This allows you to check that your audio and visual set ups are working properly
4. The audience will then be allowed to enter the room just before the start of the session
5. The audience will be muted on entry and for the duration of your talk
6. The conference host will ‘spotlight’ you so you are visible to the audience, introduce you, and then you can commence your talk!
7. At 3 minutes (for short oral presenations) or 5 minutes (for long oral presenations) before the scheduled end of your presentation, you will briefly be interrupted by the chair to remind you of the time you have remaining to finish. 
8. During the Q & A session, audience members can raise their hand. The host will decide whether to read from the Whova “chat”-based Q&A OR to unmute attendees and allow live questions on a first-come-first-serve basis. Either way, you can then respond directly to the question as the camera is still on you.
9. The Q & A session is scheduled to take 3 to 5 minutes, followed by 2 minutes hand-over time for the next presentation.
10. The entire session will be recorded and posted on Whova, accessible for viewing by any attendee who missed the presentation.

After your talk

On top of the questions that come up in the Q & A session, attendees can ask questions or give constructive feedback via your presentation’s channel in Whova. So make sure to check your Whova channel throughout the duration of the conference, and reply to any further questions or conversation threads.

Preparation Check List

• Download the Zoom client onto your PC/laptop (if you haven’t already for previous virtual meetings)
• Test that your camera, microphone and screen-sharing works… we recommend doing this with a friend or colleague
• Conduct a dry run of your talk. Speaking in front of a camera feels different from speaking in front of a live audience. Make sure that you are not going over, 8 minutes for short oral presenatations and 15 minutes for long oral presentations (sharp!)
• The host will keep time for you, but we recommend having a timer next to your screen, such as a mobile phone or watch
• We recommend using a laptop or desktop PC, not a mobile device
• Speak directly to the ‘camera’ i.e. laptop or desktop
• Please consider what can be viewed in the background when you are on camera, as this will be broadcast to conference delegates e.g. don’t have any personal items or distractions such as posters in sight
• Try to make sure the main light source isn’t coming from behind you. If you are filming in front of a window please make sure you are not in silhouette or in darkness.
• Consider if you are most comfortable sitting or standing while presenting and position your laptop accordingly!
• Please close all apps (other than Zoom and Whova) on your PC or laptop during your presentation
• Switch off or silence your phone
• Make sure other people (family members, roommates etc.) know that you are giving a presentation; ideally, they should not be using too much bandwidth (no streaming)
• Err on the side of larger font size for your presentation

Questions? We will offer “tech drop-in sessions” the week prior to the conference and you can also use our Help Centre during the conference. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You may also leave a comment below.

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