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GTM Virtual  Short-Forums

To continue the good work of “TechMining” outside of the annual conference, the GTM program committee is sponsoring a series of virtual short “1 hour” short forums. The objective of these semi-annual short forums is to share current research in progress, obtain in-depth peer feedback on methods, match approach to research type, data issues, etc., and build relationships for future collaborations. The hour-plus format is flexible, but will typically consist of three short presentations followed by extended open discussion and Q&A. To allow for rich interchange, registration is free but limited. Zoom will be the participation platform.

2024 Dates: TBD (March, September)


“Scientometrics for Disease Investigation”

Leaderships and international collaboration on COVID-19 research: ending the North-South divide” – Dr. Bruna de Paula Fonseca – Network analysis

Scientometrics for Disease Investigation: Insight in COVID-19” – Dr. Jaqueline Leta – Assessing use of indicators of scientific productivity (scientific knowledge and institution competencies) WHO Solidarity Program, Scopus, Cortellis –

Dr. Bruna de Paula Fonseca of Oswaldo Cruz Foundation – Fiocruz, Brazil, (expertise in social network analysis in health, with emphasis on science and technology management, scientific mapping, and collaboration dynamics) and Dr. Jaqueline Leta of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ, Brazil (expertise in bibliometrics/scientometrics applied to science and health, science and gender as well as science communication) will share aspects of their recent research and the resulting insights into COVID-19.

March 17, 2022 “Looking to the Future: Launching a Benchmark for Text-Analytics for Evidence-Based Foresight” SESSION RECORDING

Alan Porter – Search Technology, Inc. Overview: FTA, TechMining, FIP, and Emergence Indicators PowerPoint Slides
Yi Zhang – University of Technology Sydney, Australia – Intelligent Bibliometrics & Tech Mining: Challenges & Future Directions
Denise Chiavetta – Search Techno9logy, Inc. GTM Assessment PowerPoint Conclusion Slides

We seek “10-year horizon” case studies to share, including the following three components:
Digital Information sources > Processing Methods> Visualizations and Other Outputs EXAMPLES
METHOD: update foresight outputs with “built-in” processes that evaluate and integrate new-learnings as time progresses (the “old” retrospective questions)
METHOD: accelerate and optimize methods involving human-expertise (e.g. Delphi)
METHOD: optimize integration of “360 degree view”, i.e. science, economic, political, social domains
– New data sources
– Librarians, they should be trained continuously on how to search for information, do you have any advice for them? raining for them on the topic of information search and digital tools
We also seek to identify and embrace promising work beyond boundaries of known TechMining community.
METHOD: reporting/communication – built-in “dissemination” approaches to meet , for engagement

If you would like to submit content for a benchmark study, i.e. a past project, current project, existing resource, or a proposal for a future project, please complete the form found at By completing the form, you will be included in communications and potentially future forums, to advance, develop and disseminate a benchmark project. If you cannot access the form, please e-mail Denise Chiavetta One potential opportunity is a special forum at the November 3-4 2022 12th Global TechMining Conference.


2021 Programs

September 16, 2021 – “IDR Measurement and Impact” LINK TO RECORDING

June 17, 2021 – “Novel TechMining Methods – Innovation Management”

April 15, 2021: “Word2Vec for STI studies” (recorded video)

February 18, 2021: “Fast-Track learning: Growing insights from text-mining COVID-19 data”