GTM2023 Call for Papers COMING SOON!


The GTM2023 program committee will be accepting submissions for the following:

  1. Oral Presentation. Oral presentations (up to 20 minutes) addressing well-advanced research. Oral presentations will be scheduled as livestream video or pre-recorded video and will include moderated Q&A.
  2. Power Talk. A power talk consists of an abbreviated oral presentation (5 to 8 minutes). The intent is to showcase work (can be “in process”) in which an early career researcher has led the research, and/or played a significant role in the research. Power Talks will be scheduled as pre-recorded video with a Q&A board.
  3. Novel Online Event – If so inclined, we invite your suggestions on alternative modes of sharing tech mining knowledge outside of standard oral presentations. For example:
    1. Case Study based Panel Presentation (see Launching a Benchmark: Text-Analytics for Evidence-Based Foresight)
    2. Topical Roundtable

Submission Instructions