Search Technology via the VP Institute is pleased to co-host the 14th Global TechMining Conference with Fraunhofer ISI in conjunction with the 28th International Conference on Science, Technology and Innovation Indicators in Berlin, Germany.


Tech mining is text-oriented analytics that aims to generate practical intelligence from Science, Technology & Innovation (ST&I) information resources – i.e., “Big Data” in various forms.  It uses bibliometric and text-mining software (e.g., Derwent Data Analyzer (DDA), VantagePoint) and many other analytical & visualization tools. Tech mining supports decision making in ST&I policy & management – e.g., competitive technical intelligence, R&D management, and research evaluation. Expanding and novel data bring both opportunities and challenges. Researchers, analysts, and decision makers need to track ST&I dynamics together with rapidly evolving economic & societal factors, validating the necessity of evidence-based foresight.

The conference topics include, but are not limited to:

  • ST&I + Other data sources (e.g., web scraping, social media, full-text information)
  • Data refining (e.g., enhancing accuracy, disambiguation, natural language processing)
  • Combining data sources (e.g., data mashup analyses, comparison of results from different data sources)
  • Methods: Advancing and integrating methods - e.g.:
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning for tech mining
  • Informetrics (e.g., bibliometrics, scientometrics); novel indicators and visualization
  • Predictive analytics and foresight
  • Generativity and modularity of tech mining solutions
  • Applications: Innovative analyses translating to useful intelligence - e.g.:
  • Analyzing technology dynamics (emergence, maturity, speciation, combination with others) Assessing convergence at the level of science, technology, market or industry
  • Analyzing and monitoring interdisciplinary research endeavors
  • Revealing the impact of tech mining in management practice and decision-making

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Conference Hosts and Sponsors

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Fraunhofer ISI

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